Yotpo launches ‘Push to Pinterest’

User-generated content marketing platform, Yotpo, has announced the launch of its latest feature, ‘Push to Pinterest’, which allows users to push their authentic customers photos directly to their Pinterest boards, increasing traffic and sales.

Yotpo already allows users to push their pictures to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but with Pinterest growing as an online community, this move was the latest step towards integrating user generated content marketing and social media to benefit consumers and brands.

The new Push to Pinterest feature integrates ecommerce and social media for brands to drive traffic to brand websites. When customers send user-generated photos in reviews or tag brands in Instagram, brands can easily push the photos to Pinterest as regular, product or buyable pins.

With Push to Pinterest, users can first curate and gain the rights to customers’ Instagram photos and can also encourage them to upload photos along with their reviews. The best photos can then be pinned to any and all of businesses Pinterest boards in just two clicks.

The feature is fully compatible with Product Pins & Buyable Pins. These Pin types provide more product detail to shoppers and encourage more conversions, increasing website traffic, brand awareness and sales.

The launch is the latest step towards ecommerce and social media integration to create user-generated content for brands whilst driving more traffic to product pages. Yotpo is now a central omnichannel UGC

To find out more information and request a demo, here.