What the Ecommerce Club can do for you

There is a peer-to-peer gap in the digital industry, the Ecommerce Club has been set up to fill that gap. Our goal is to bring leading and developing brands together to share knowledge and expertise across their own ecommerce journey.

One of the things we believe is most important is that we work with you, the brands, to ensure that we’re helping to educate the market about ecommerce. Digital is still emotive, sometimes even political, with different business, and we want to ensure that we provide you with the tools and support to back your position at work.

We want to work with you to ensure that the events we create are at the right time of year, and we’re creating a calendar of events that work in congruence with the ecommerce calendar. One of our partners, Oban Digital, has put together a Global Ecommerce Calendar, which some of you might find useful.We know that a calendar event isn’t as simple as a date, it’s a period and it’s vital to know the ways in which market demands will change. Christmas, for example, is actually a ten week period and consumer behaviour changes over that time, meaning you need to know what, how and when to plan for action.

We also want to know what you think – tell us the topics you want to see covered, tell us who you want to hear from and what’s bothering you.

We believe that the ecommerce industry can only benefit from sharing thought provoking, inspirational stories and pooling information on the problems that every brand faces, from internal buy-in, budgetary constraints, traffic projections and more.

In ecommerce we spend a lot of time talking about the customer journey, how to track it, manage it, target it etc. But in many ways today brands are on their own journey –  it’s not just the customer journey but the retailer journey that we need to uncover.

At the Ecommerce Club, we plan on combing two elements in our events calendar: our lunches, which are inspirational stories of just what’s possible, and our seminars , which are educational  and interactive, ensuring that delegates get the most out of their sessions.

Come join us.