Top 10 tools to optimise basket completion

Picture this – you’ve nailed driving customers to your site. Your traffic graphs are trending upwards from all the right territories (90% of your traffic is not coming from one IP address in China or India), your ad campaigns are getting a good CTR (click-through-rate), but your conversion rate is stubbornly refusing to follow suit.

Hopefully, you have Analytics and Tag Manager or a similar package running step-by-step tracking and conversion goals configured to show you just how many customers are adding items to their baskets, which is great. But have you looked at your funnels to see where in your purchase journey your users drop out?

Before you do anything make sure you know your checkout process inside out. Document it. Screenshot it. On desktop and mobile because a pain-point on one may not necessarily be present on the other. If you can, do the same for your competitors’ websites to see what they do differently, or look at other sites that are popular with your target demographic.

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