Market Shifts: The Future of Ecommerce

The last eighteen months have seen major shifts in the retail market driven by the economy shaking impacts of the pandemic. One of the most significant shifts though has been the role of digital, not just in terms of buying and selling, but also in terms of customer service and management, logistics, supply chain and more. eCommerce became no longer an optional route to market but a fundamental requirement for modern commerce. In July 2021, Greenlight Commerce, BigCommerce and Attraqt sponsored a Mixing Digital roundtable event on how to stay relevant and manage growth, bringing together a group of eCommerce specialists to explore the impact of the last few months on the ever-evolving commerce landscape. That means not only a sudden shift to online and direct to consumer for many B2B businesses, but an emergent necessity to integrate digital channels and refocus business around not only the purpose of physical stores but around the importance of agility and adaptability in commerce overall.

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