Telefonica launches Aura to manage data

Telefonica is seeking to put its customers in the driving seat as far as their data is concerned with the release of a new digital personal assistant called Aura.

The artificial intelligence powered app aims to give customers control of their own data by empowering individuals to make the call as to whether or not to share data with third parties such as Google or Facebook.

In addition the new app, referred to by Telefonica as its ‘brain’ can respond to queries relating to Telefonica services and manage access to customers Wi-Fi routers. This is facilitated through compatibility with Amazon’s Echo speaker and is the culmination of a 48bn euro investment programme over the past five years to transform the business into a digital platform.

Launching the new system at Mobile World Congress chief executive Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete said, “It’s a new way of empowering customers, We are offering that the network belongs to them. Now people can no longer call us a dumb pipe.”

The app will become available in Spain, Germany and the UK over the next 12 months.