Revolutionary news! The Gucci brand has decided to accept crypto-currencies in the US

Some Gucci shops in America will start accepting crypto-currency payments. Bitcoin, Ethereul and Litecoin are among the crypto-currencies that will be used by customers to make purchases.

The service will be rolled out to its flagship stores such as Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and Wooster Street in New York this month at the latest. Gucci, owned by French group Kering, joins a growing number of companies that have begun accepting virtual currencies.

Gucci has declared that payments in Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are an accepted crypto-currency. This one is called “meme” originally created as a joke

In poorer regions, regulation of crypto-currencies would encourage their growth

In the UK some crypto-currencies will be regulated.

From the moment customers pay in shop with crypto-currencies, they will receive an email with several information such as a QR code that they will have to use with a digital asset wallet.

It is with a financial transaction application that they will be able to make their purchases. This application works on mobile devices.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been using QR codes, black and white squares similar to barcodes, this format can be read by mobile phones

The company plans to roll out the policy to all North American shops

This statement is another step forward in the acceptance of crypto-currencies by mainstream businesses.

The brand is the latest big name to accept crypto-currencies as payment.

With this unlikely news, some of the world’s biggest brands are accepting digital currencies, including tech giant Microsoft, US telecommunications company AT&T and coffee chain Starbucks.

During this year two countries have made bitcoin legal tender: El Salvador and the Central African Republic

The International Monetary Fund has, however, urged El Salvador to reverse its decision to allow consumers to use the crypto-currency in all transactions, alongside the US dollar.

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