Ecommerce Club Membership

The Ecommerce Club encourages and supports the growth of a peer-to-peer community of retailers and ecommerce professionals through free membership of its network to qualifying professionals.

Membership includes free-to-attend seminars, conferences, networking meet-ups, working lunches, social media, as well as a Linkedin community alongside member views, commentary and the latest research. It will also provide special offers direct from the Ecommerce Club’s monthly newsletter and website.

The aim of the club is to provide access to the most up-to-date learning, networking and knowledge sharing between peers, in a community focused on ecommerce related issues, as well as providing advice and support to members.

Initial Ecommerce Club events are to be hosted in London, Manchester and Dublin but we welcome suggestions of where members would like to see events held, and we welcome members of the global ecommerce community to join in our knowledge sharing.

Please become a member of the Ecommerce Club either by signing up to the newsletter or by emailing, all retailers and ecommerce brands will automatically become free members. Please note the club membership is open to retail marketers and ecommerce practitioners only, vendors are welcome to subscribe to the monthly newsletter but cannot attend events, however, vendors can get involved with the Club by becoming a partner. Please email for the package details.

What do you get?

Networking Meetings

Get access to networking breakfasts and bi-monthly working lunches across the UK and Ireland.

Useful Resources

Keep on top of market trends with updates on the latest views, news, reports, white papers and studies and our regular monthly newsletter.

Learning Network

Engage in free-to-attend seminars and conferences with guest keynote speakers, partners, interactive panels and brand case studies, on topics you help to decide.

Networking event

Making Membership Work For You

While membership of the Ecommerce Club is free, what you make of it is up to you. The network is constantly being developed by Members working together with the Club, through a LinkedIn discussion group, a monthly newsletter, as well as regular events and content.

We want to make sure that we help you build your professional networks and continue your professional learning in a supportive interactive environment. So why not sign-up, see what you find and work with us to ensure you’re getting what you need. We’re always interested in hearing your concerns about the market, areas where you’d like to improve your knowledge, topics where you think best practice needs to be built.

Together we can build a more effective and efficient omnichannel future.