Free webinar: Driving Revenue through Subscription

Thu, May 20, 2021 10:00AM – 11:00BST

Learn how to plan, develop and implement an eCommerce subscription model to drive up your retention and repeat business rates As more and more shopping activity migrates online, and customers become more aware of the benefits and convenience of subscribing for regular or repeat purchases, incorporating a subscription model into your eCommerce operations becomes an unmissable business opportunity. By encouraging and facilitating customers to sign up for repeat purchases, such as refills or regularly needed supplies, your business starts to benefit from all the advantages of predictable revenue: increased sales, greater customer retention, and repeat business, and greater visibility over future sales allowing for smarter inventory planning, and more. In this complementary, expert-led webinar, we’ll help you to: – understand the best tactics to use if you’re looking to set up a subscription model and drive up customer retention and repeat business – learn from those brands who are already following this model very successfully – get a sense of the end-to-end process, and your options for technologies and platforms to support your subscription activity – learn how to implement payments for subscriptions as well as considerations for inventory management and fulfillment This webinar will be invaluable for any eCommerce merchants who sell products that lend themselves to replenishment/regular purchases.

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