Five standout strategies to make the most of holiday retail

The National Retail Federation (NRF) is predicting an increase of approximately 4.1 per cent in retail industry sales for 2015, up from 2014’s 3.5 per cent growth. With holiday sales accounting for up to 40 per cent of a retailer’s annual sales, capitalising on growth is top of mind during this lucrative time of year.

Savvy retailers know that a well thought out holiday plan and an early start are key to a successful season. But even the best laid plans can fall short in our world of surmounting competition, endless choices, multiple avenues for purchase and inundated consumers.

Which leads to the most important element of every holiday plan—differentiation. In the sea of competitive product choices, deep discounts and inboxes filled to the brim with holiday promotions, personalisation is the one true differentiator. In fact, consumers desire more personalised experiences, and are becoming increasingly frustrated with untargeted and irrelevant interactions.

So, give the people what they want! Retailers who marry proven personalisation strategies with innovative new technologies will standout this holiday season, and reap the benefits of improved sales, response rates and brand perception. Here’s how:

Curate Holiday Product Recommendation Strategies

  • Tailor the Entire Experience
  • Simplify Seasonal Product Discovery
  • Create Seamless Cross Channel Experiences
  • Don’t be Afraid to Innovate


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