Category: Uncategorized Takes a Vacation From Media-Management Headaches With Cloudinary

As a 20-year online leader in travel and leisure retail, Europe-based public company along with its 1,200 employees are committed to enriching the lives of vacationers through comprehensive and enticing products and services. Beyond flight deals and tours, it’s the images and videos, whether of that luxury villa in Greece, romantic Parisian street, or exotic stroll… Read more »

Covid-19, a Boost for Ecommerce

As a lifeline for some, a miracle solution for others, online sales are already the big winner in the global health crisis. Online retail sales as a percentage of total retail sales were approximately 19% in February 2020. A year later, they soared to nearly 35%. The significant acceleration in online sales has also led to… Read more »

How To Create A Winning Ecommerce Business Strategy (Hint: Strategy First!)

Often brands will make mistakes in how to form a multi-channel ecommerce strategy for their business. In fact, most eCommerce brands confuse the difference between Tactics and Strategy. Knowing the difference between these two terms is essential to future proof your business, starting from your ecommerce business strategy Read more at VL OMNI 

Should your System Integrator do your Ecommerce Integrations?

System Integrators or SI are an important part of a total back-end organisation that can help your ecommerce business become successful. System Integrators are a valuable resource whose role is exclusively to install, support, and configure your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application. But, what role should they play in implementing your ecommerce integrations? Let’s take a… Read more »

Three Ways to Solve The 100 Variant ‘Limit’ on Shopify Plus

A quick guide on how to solve the 100 Variant Limit on Shopify Plus. One of the biggest misconceptions around Shopify Plus relates to variant limits on the ecommerce platform. Hit Google, and you’ll see a list of results discussing this “issue” at length. Why “issue”? Because the 100 variant limit on Shopify Plus has truth to… Read more »

Flipkart partners with 5,000 retail stores in expansion

Flipkart are partnering with more than 5,000 retail stores across India expanding its ‘SuperCoin’ rewards programme. The strengthening of the programme will let customers use SuperCoin rewards points to pay in stores across the country. SuperCoin Pay enables retail outlets from across fashion, groceries, food & beverages, travel, and health & wellness to register to… Read more »

10 Tips to Help your Clients Handle Surging Customer Service Demand

Recent data from McKinsey reveals that the equivalent of 10 years’ worth of ecommerce deliveries was completed in just eight weeks in the midst of COVID-19. This accelerating shift to digital shopping channels was also echoed by Shopify’s CEO, Tobi Lütke, who recently stated that, “The future of retail arrived 10 years early.” So, it’s no surprise that for… Read more »

WhatsApp launches in-app payments service

WhatsApp has launched their first in-app payments service, after a beta test in India. The service will go live in Brazil first, with future plans to roll out to other regions, the company announced in a blog post on Monday. The payments are made through Facebook Pay, which parent company Facebook said last year it… Read more »

Amazon sales boom

Amazon sales have grown faster than expected as more people have shopped online amid COVID-19, but it has missed on earnings as COVID-19-related costs across the supply chain increased. The online retail giant said it plans to spend all of its profit for the second quarter of this year, an estimated $4 billion, on its… Read more »