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Driving Revenue Online Through Subscriptions

E-commerce subscriptions are on the increase.  They’re not just for more “traditional” niches like newspapers, tv, etc. Nowadays, companies in fashion, lifestyle, and FMCG industries are successfully adopting this model. Read more here Driving Revenue Online Through Subscriptions – Screen Pages  

Uncover the true cost of failed deliveries

The pandemic has accelerated what was an already booming eCommerce market. But with that growth comes certain challenges – most notably, the issue of late or failed deliveries. To get to the root of this common frustration for businesses, we’ve surveyed 3,000 global online shoppers and 300 retail executives to bring you our latest report:… Read more »

Shoppable TV service with ITV

ITV have launched a shoppable TV service on LG smart TVs, letting viewers discover and shop items from its programmes directly on screen. Viewers can initiate the shopping interface at any time by using their LG remote but must actively opt-in to receive the notifications and use the service. Read more at Mobile Marketing Magazine… Read more »

Google boss warns of threats to internet freedom

The free and open internet is under threat many in countries around the world, Google boss Sundar Pichai has warned. Sundar explains that many countries are restricting the flow of information, and the model is often taken for granted. In an in-depth interview with the BBC, Pichai also addresses controversies around tax, privacy and data… Read more »

Driving Revenue Online Through Subscriptions 

Ecommerce subscriptions are on the increase.  They’re not just for more “traditional” niches like newspapers, tv, etc. Nowadays, companies in fashion, lifestyle, and FMCG industries are successfully adopting this model. According to data collected by McKinsey in 2018, the largest subscription-based companies generated $2.6 billion in 2016 (as compared to only $57 million in 2011). This huge… Read more »

How AI can improve the on-site search experience

According to Google 2021 Consumer Insight UK trends, there has been a seismic shift to online which is here to stay, despite stores re-opening.  This is putting added pressure on retailers to ensure the product discovery experience online is seamless enough to take shoppers through the best brand and purchase experiences, without losing them at… Read more »

Retail Growth Workshop –  YouTube recording

I attende at the « Retail Growth Workshop » on Wednesday, 23rd June and wanted to write up my thoughts on what was learnt. If you would like to judge for yourself then the YouTube recording is available here. The theme of the discussion was about the retail growth especially during the pandemic. Indeed when… Read more »


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Boohoo reports strong sales as it relaunches Debenhams website

Fashion retailer says revenues grew 32% in the three months to May as Covid crisis fuels online spending. Boohoo’s UK revenues were up 50% in the three months to May. Boohoo has reported further strong sales growth on the back of the online shopping boom seen during the pandemic, as it launched a new Debenhams “digital… Read more »

Invest to dominate the ecommerce market 

Electronic commerce is now very much present in the UK and has experienced massive growth over the past year. It also offers many opportunities for companies that sell online. Only some challenges come into play. E-merchants who have developed part of their business in the United Kingdom are now faced with new problems and must… Read more »

Prime Day come early and is set to outperform pre pandemic numbers

The levels of mobile shopping have elevated heading into this year’s Prime Day, pandemic-habits hold strong and predict that Amazon’s Prime Day will outperform its pre-pandemic numbers. Amazon Prime Day has officially been announced for June 21 and 22, 2021, and consumers are already gearing up for Amazon’s biggest shopping day of the year. Read… Read more »

Amazon is buying MGM Studios

Amazon is buying MGM Studios for $8.45bn adding the James Bond franchise and thousands of older films to its Prime Video streaming catalogue. The move is the second-largest acquisition by the ecommerce giant after Whole Foods. Read more at Netimperative