Yahoo increases store footfall for O2 through location-based mobile marketing campaign

Yahoo has launched a partnership with location specialist Statiq, which is to see Yahoo refine its ability to offer location-based targeted advertising for brands in the UK.

As a result of its enhanced capabilities, Yahoo and Statiq’s first mobile location campaign for O2 increased store footfall by 2.3x for customers exposed to advertising.

Yahoo leverages Statiq’s comprehensive location insights to create a unique, accurate and scaled view of consumer behaviour. Applying these insights across Yahoo’s product suite will allow brands to buy programmatically and implement cross-device campaigns at scale.

This time last year, 66per cent of marketers told the IAB that location-based advertising would be the ‘most exciting’ mobile opportunity for the industry. Yahoo and Statiq’s new agreement will provide these marketers with the means to understand how their customers’ location can have a positive impact on campaign performance and measure increases in store footfall as a result of campaign exposure.

With 55 million device IDs and 5.8 million ‘Places of Interest’ mapped in the UK, Statiq is a market leader in location targeting, and Yahoo’s device data has a 99.7per cent match rate with Statiq. Brands will benefit from rigorous performance prediction and analysis, before, during, and after campaigns.
Yahoo has the ability to build optimised audience insights and addressable segments, drawing on a combination of search intent, social passion insights from Tumblr, and app usage information from 86 million UK devices from Flurry Analytics.
Shan Henderson, director of mobile, Yahoo UK, said, “The ability to identify and target a user based on their location is not new. However, understanding the relationship between people, devices, and places over time, and using these insights to create meaningful, holistic campaigns marks a significant evolution in the accuracy and depth of the location market. This is an area Yahoo is focusing on in 2017”.

He continued, “At Yahoo, we are excited by client briefs that look at habits and places of interest, and we’re committed to reaching users at the correct moment – whether that is on a smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.”

Ben Smart, Activation Director, Havas UK, said, “As an agency we’re always looking for innovation and new ways to work with established partners. Linking sales between online and offline is a business problem that we are working to solve with O2. In this instance, Yahoo lent in to provide us with solution that moves us nearer to solving it. They have shown us statistically how important digital is at driving footfall and we’re now looking to incorporate this into future campaigns as a performance measure.”

Nigel Clarkson, UK MD, Yahoo UK added, “What we’re offering here is different because it’s based on proper scale, using 33 million unique first-party data signals every week in the UK. We have the ability to take mobile signals and use them to deliver ads cross-screen, safe in the knowledge it is going to a highly relevant customer, not just an anonymous phone ID. Data and scale are the two key pieces that Yahoo will offer to the market to complement Statiq’s accuracy of location to provide an industry-leading location marketing proposition.”