Working Lunch Dublin: the power of mobile in omnichannel

It was a warm welcome back to Ireland with the latest Ecommerce Club Working Lunch London, the Power of Mobile in an Omnichannel Environment. We had a lovely lunch at Restaurant FortyOne on St Stephens Green, providing a great introduction to our new partner Kooomo.

Their SaaS cloud platform provides any retailer with an omnichannel experience, enabling retailers to seamlessly blend their offline and online data.
Italian fashion brand Motivi were searching for an omnichannel solution and faced the challenge of connecting their 250 stores to WMS, having full control of stock level and ultimately delivering a superior end customer experience.

According to Motivi, Kooomo exceeded expectations in managing their complex needs. Motivi’s warehouses were integrated quickly and efficiently, and using Kooomo’s AOM (Automatic Order Management) can now process all orders and update stock inventory in real time.

Motivi’s brick and mortar shops have also been seamlessly connected to their ecommerce operations. Stock quantities match across all channels so they never lose a sale. Customers are able to order online and pick up in store, or alternatively order in store and get delivered to home.

With Kooomo, they can also manage all their customer messages across all channels, including eBay and Amazon. They can create multiple email campaigns and promotions in the 33 different countries where they are based, all tailored to the particular tastes and trends of each market.

Motivi’s transition to Omnichannel with the help of Kooomo, helped scale their business while at the same time, saving them time, money and other valuable resources. Kooomo describes itself as a collaborative platform meaning that it works with domain expertise to provide complex services as and when needed by the customer.
Given that Gartner has predicted that “By 2018, more than 50% of commerce sites will integrate technologies from more than 15 vendors to deliver a digital customer experience,” it puts Kooomo at the heart of an exciting space.