Tribes of Behaviour and Ecommerce Strategy

The next Ecommerce Club Working Lunch, hosted by Oban Digital and supported by Summit Media, will explore the impact of tribes of behaviour on developing an effective ecommerce strategy.

John Sellwood, head of new business and Joe Doveton, head of conversion, will bring their experience at Oban Digital to bear, to help brands understand the impact of culture on brand audience and behaviour.

We know from the store-based world that any successful shopper strategy is driven from the shopper’s perspective. Only by understanding the shopper’s journey along the path to purchase and how they are influenced during that journey can we hope to understand with any clarity how as marketers we are able to target products and marketing messages most effectively. Just as in the physical world, we need to understand the shopper’s profile, the array of influences that affect the shopper’s mind-set and, of course, the marketing initiatives which are available to help interrupt shoppers on their journey.

What is greatly important and often underestimated, is just how different the online and physical can be when it comes to influences on shopper behaviour, both in terms of the influences on the shopper’s mindset and the shopper marketer’s ability to engage people at the point of purchase.

When it comes to online behaviour its critical to understand what insights are needed in order to develop an informed and effective digital strategy? It’s always assumed that the consumer’s behaviour is tied to the cultural roots of their home market. But are there similarities or differences in a culture of a brand’s audience? In this session Oban looks at how a consumer’s cultural identity could be formed of a brand’s culture, as well as external and internal factors. We look at a range of areas including: segmentation, market behaviours and personalisation.