The Right and Wrong Way to Use Social Responsibility In Marketing

If you want to enjoy the benefits that Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) can provide to your business, it must be more than just about optics. There’s a world of nuance that goes into communicating corporate social responsibility (CSR). Customers vote with their wallets. CSR-forward marketing campaigns help brands build identities that ethical consumers rally behind. For that to happen, marketers can’t keep quiet. They need to shout their stories from the rooftops so that consumers with common moral outlooks can affect change through their support. These same campaigns, however, can be easily mishandled. Highlighting short-term wins can lead customers to see posture, not altruism. Shout too loud and a brand looks more interested in recognition than genuinely solving the problem. Worse still is when business divisions maintain disparate levels of commitment to a social responsibility charter. The achievements of many teams can instantly unravel when one rogue department is willing to sacrifice their morals to hit their performance targets.

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May 8th

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