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One fifth of searches use voice

GWI’s cross-device data on internet behaviors shows that using a search engine is still the most popular online activity; some 92 per cent reported doing this in Q4 2015, with the figures remaining high across all age, gender, income and region breaks.

Mobile tipping point is on its way

The internet landscape is changing – mobiles are in the ascent, while PC/laptops are in a slow decline. Mobile-first has become a buzzword of late but here are some clear signs that the mobile tipping point is coming.

Widespace gets €15.8m boost for mobile ad tech

Announcing the investment, Patrik Fagerlund CEO and co-founder of Widespace said, ”This will enable us to solidify our leading position in Europe as well as expand in existing key markets. We will also invest further in strategic areas of our technology, such as automation and visualisation of data. Our unique technology and solutions have earned us a leading position in all major markets in Europe and we aim to continue our assertive growth during the coming years.”

Digital advertising to be a big focus for retailers in 2016

Retailers have been fast to pick up the latest advertising trends in 2015 according to the IIMRG, and this is set to continue in 2016. Digital is the word on the lips of retail marketers this year, with mobile expected to take the lead.

New app lets your fridge buy the groceries

Samsung and Mastercard have launched an app which means consumers can use a new smart fridge to buy groceries paid for by credit card. A new service built around a trusted payment process is a great example of mobile commerce – it’s about using a new channel to provide new capabilities often delivered within new products.

Will 2016 be the year of mobile?

Every time you turned around in 2015 somebody somewhere was discussing the growing importance of mobile as a sales channel, with some sites seeing 50 per cent of their traffic from mobile. But just because everyone talks about it doesn’t mean everyone’s doing it. Could 2016 be the year that mcommerce becomes a central part of retail strategy?

Myths of the Digital World

The Ecommerce Club held its first twitter debate on myths of the digital world on 8th December. We’ve put together some of the biggest myths that came up and added some responses to explain away concerns. The big question to kick things off was what are the issues that prevent your company from really devoting itself to the opportunities in digital and mobile commerce.

Consumer expectations to drive mobile: report

According to Forrester’s Julie Ask, 2016 will be the most consequential year for companies on the path to customer obsession, and that includes adapting to empowered customers who expect to get anything they want immediately, in context on their mobile devices.