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Fashion Retail Tech: Visual Search 2017

Trends come and go in fashion, and change is a fact of life. One thing that seem set to permanently change the face of online fashion is the rise of visual content and the emergence of “search by image” platforms.

Telefonica launches Aura to manage data

Telefonica is seeking to put its customers in the driving seat as far as their data is concerned with the release of a new digital personal assistant called Aura.

Snap Inc files for $3-4.2bn IPO as it positions itself as a camera company

Snapchat’s parent company has admitted it faces a challenge to convince advertisers to spend more of their budgets with the service as it preps for one of the biggest tech public offerings in years. It has only been running ads for a few months, and said it sees its future as a camera company.

Customer First in 2017: moving from mobile to AI

In December, the Ecommerce Club held a wine and cheese tasting event at Clerkenwell London. While the drinks were delicious and the conversation fun, what stood out was Visualsoft’s insight into the evolution of the ecommerce environment, with mobile and the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and other innovations.

AI partnership founded to drive research

Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft are joining forces to create a new AI partnership dedicated to advancing public understanding of the sector, as well as coming up with standards for future researchers.