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Telefonica launches Aura to manage data

Telefonica is seeking to put its customers in the driving seat as far as their data is concerned with the release of a new digital personal assistant called Aura.

Customer First in 2017: moving from mobile to AI

In December, the Ecommerce Club held a wine and cheese tasting event at Clerkenwell London. While the drinks were delicious and the conversation fun, what stood out was Visualsoft’s insight into the evolution of the ecommerce environment, with mobile and the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and other innovations.

Project Intu to bring Watson AI into everyday objects

IBM recently released Project Intu, a software development platform that enables people to bring the Watson AI system into computer applications and even robotics. IBM’s goal for Project Intu is to make it easier for designers and developers to connect their projects to the Watson IoT Platform. IBM hopes to use the massive amounts of… Read more »

AI partnership founded to drive research

Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and Microsoft are joining forces to create a new AI partnership dedicated to advancing public understanding of the sector, as well as coming up with standards for future researchers.

Twitter buys Magic Pony for $150m

Twitter is continuing its investment in AI technology, with news that it has purchased Magic Pony Technology for a reported $150 million.

Apple goes AI: Snaps up facial expression recognition software

Apple has bought Emotient, a startup that uses artificial-intelligence technology to read people’s emotions by analysing facial expressions. While the usage of the software may not yet be clear, it is part of a growing investment trend in AI investment. startup that uses artificial-intelligence technology to read people’s emotions by analyzing facial expressions. Apple rivals… Read more »