Switching to Next Generation Results in +10% Conversion Uplift

Is the switch to Next Generation worth it? With nearly 10 years of experience with FACT-Finder, Patricia Zwack from RE-IN weighs in on the matter. Spoiler alert, she describes it as “the right step – no comparison to the past.” A rating of 4.8 stars from over 96,000 customers sends a clear message: RE-IN (Retail International GmbH) knows how to make online shoppers happy. In recent years, this eCommerce company has written a growth story of excellence, expanding the assortment of its four online stores from 450,000 to now more than 4 million products and implementing a marketplace model into voelkner.de, RE-IN‘s largest store – a major challenge not only organizationally but also technically. After all, to ensure that online shoppers find what they are looking for quickly and reliably, more than 10 million data records have to be processed in the background. This was a task only FACT-Finder Next Generation was up to.

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