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Most Brits have unsubscribed from retailer comms in the past year

The vast majority (90 per cent) of UK consumers have unsubscribed from communications from retailers in the past 12 months, with nearly half (46 per cent) saying this is because they received too many messages from brands, according to new research.

Uncover the Reality of AI

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Bronto and Oracle have come together to explore the changes to ecommerce marketing due to the advent of AI. They have issued a white paper called Break Through the Hype: Uncover the Reality of AI.

How wearables are changing the retail industry

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Wearables have opened up new and innovative ways for retailers to enhance the customer experience. From browsing to buying, consumers can rely on their smartwatch, fitness monitor or even their VR headset to find the best deal and complete a purchase without using any other device. Oracle and Bronto have put together a white paper called The Rise of Wearables in Commerce.

Personal service leads to more purchases

More than three quarters (80 per cent) of consumers claim that receiving a personal service is important when purchasing online highlighting the need for human interaction to be available in real time through customer service channels, according to new research.

Teens switching from live TV to ‘on demand’

Children and teenagers are increasingly watching TV through a smartphone and using on demand services, as viewing habits among young people continue to shift towards mobile and on demand streaming, a study has shown.