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Insight: New Shopping Trends to Impact Global and UK Commerce in 2017

It’s no secret that the advent of digital technologies has changed how consumers shop, as well as how businesses reach their customer, but understanding individual consumer preferences remains a hurdle for many businesses. A new study offers critical insight and global comparisons into how, when and where consumers shop.

Insight: Adobe claims Brexit effect on online sales

Adobe data showed that while demand for computers and TV’s was up in May and June YoY – 33 and 28 per cent respectively – growth in July slowed to 16 percent and turned negative in August with a 10 per cent YoY decrease in sales, likely due to Brexit and other factors driving uncertainty in Europe.

Insight: E-Bay launches UK Retail Report

To coincide with its 21st anniversary, eBay has launched its first UK Retail Report – opening up its search and sales data to show the way the UK shops today.