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nmp: 4 projections for 2016

It’s incredible to think that the year 2015 is coming to its conclusion. The past twelve months have flown past, with developments that are likely to dictate the direction of the advertising industry for the next several years, from the rise of ad blockers to the rebirth of paid social as a platform that offers advertisers a new channel for acquisition.

Turning a visitor into a VIP – the role of Guided Discovery

Given the proliferation of options for customers, and the range of channels through which they can access a brand, their expectations for an exceptional brand experience are on the rise. Certona has launched ‘Guided Discovery’ to enable brands to deliver products and content that align with customer tastes and needs.

Does International Growth require Replatforming?

The main reason that retailers change ecommerce platforms is to capitalise on the opportunity to reach markets outside of their main domestic trading markets. The rewards for those who do it correctly are huge, and in many cases it creates a gateway to generate incremental uplifts in revenue in a short space of time. But it can be costly.

Building a personalisation powerhouse: the five essentials

Personalisation continues to be a hot topic in ecommerce, but perhaps the most interesting facet in its discussion is that one to one personal marketing has been a hot topic for a number of years now, and there are still challenges in getting it right.

Tips to prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday, essentially a US phenomenon that takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving, has gradually been adopted in the UK in recent years but with the shift in customer behaviour retails need to prepare ahead of time.

International growth needs local knowledge

As the ecommerce market grows, and cross-border sales and international expansion become part of many business operations, understanding the importance of domestic celebrations can make a real impact on your business.

Red is the new black: cultural insights and the Chinese New Year

As brands spread around the world, there are exciting opportunities through different countries cultural celebrations, like the Chinese New Year. But before you embark on running a Chinese New Year campaign, make sure you are aware of the traditions that surround this unique celebration.