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OSF Commerce – The Endless Rewards of Ecommerce Personalisation

It’s essential to consider personalizing the shopping experience for each customer to gain heightened returns from online ecommerce efforts. There are significantly greater rewards across a broad spectrum of metrics when brands engage in efforts that speak uniquely to their shoppers as individuals

OSF: Mobile Strategies for Connected Commerce

E-commerce, digital commerce, e-retail – whatever word you use for it, it represents a complex and increasingly difficult area of business to navigate. The rate of change is immense, and connected devices, new channels and a wealth of new products mean brands must work even harder to fulfil their customer’s needs.

Amaze White Paper on Disruption

With challenger brands such as Netflix and Airbnb shaking up the marketplace, a new paper from Amaze explores why disruption occurs, how challenger brands are harnessing it to their advantage and the steps businesses need to take to succeed in the future.

Five popular beliefs about sales forecasts

• Sales forecasts are always false
• Don’t forecast when sales are low
• Use technology to manage complex, multiple data sets
• Only one sales forecast is necessary
• Remember, using sales forecasts is complicated

SLI provides the do’s and don’t of personalisation

Seventy five per cent of consumers are more likely to buy from retailers that personalise the shopping experience and 24 out of 25 retailers saying personalisation is in the top three of business priorities for 2017. That makes it critical for retailers to understand what does and doesn’t work when it comes to personalisation.

Why TCO matters in ecommerce platform selection

The emphasis on dynamic multichannel retail solutions and the demands of a constantly evolving marketplace mean that online retail businesses are inevitably compelled to replace their old ecommerce platforms in order to stay competitive. Whether you’re updating an existing platform or starting from scratch, the importance of getting your ecommerce platform right cannot be understated.

Mastering mobile enables success in an IoT world

Forrester’s Thomas Husson argues its time to focus on allowing mobile to facilitate the internet of things, in a new report The Internet of Things redefines brand engagement.

What to do when your platform doesn’t match your aspirations

In order to succeed in today’s multichannel world, retailers have to work hard to differentiate themselves from the competition. According to Gartner research, 89 per cent of marketing leaders expect customer experience to be their primary basis for competitive differentiation by 2017. Ecommerce websites often have to be redesigned, rescaled and replatformed for businesses to deliver a better customer experience, as legacy systems don’t offer the features and functionality that consumers have become accustomed to and expect.  

Get Ready for Bunnies & Blooming Ecommerce

Love was so last Sunday. Now spring is in the merchandising air. Never mind the polar vortex hitting the East and Midwest. Easter and its Bunny are arriving Sunday, March 27 – a full three weeks earlier than last year when it hopped onto the scene April 20. With this year’s abbreviated shopping season, every… Read more »

Mobile Apps for the Modern Consumer

Its time to see more retailers eschew the “me too” approach to mobile apps and remember that the secret to success in mobile retail apps can be simplicity. Here he gives his view on mobile retailer apps and how today’s shoppers interact with them on their smartphones and tablets.