Why TCO matters in ecommerce platform selection

The emphasis on dynamic multichannel retail solutions and the demands of a constantly evolving marketplace mean that online retail businesses are inevitably compelled to replace their old ecommerce platforms in order to stay competitive. Whether you’re updating an existing platform or starting from scratch, the importance of getting your ecommerce platform right cannot be understated.

Yet the potential for ecommerce costs to spiral far beyond budget is well documented; all too often hidden fees and expensive development costs can seriously derail planning and threaten projected business growth. According to Forrester Research as many as 43 per cent of companies underestimate the cost of their ecommerce platform.

Greenlight Commerce takes a look at the different costs associated with ecommerce platforms, the options currently available on the market – including the cloud – and how to compare these different models. It also gives consideration to the importance of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) when choosing a new ecommerce platform.

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