Waitrose online orders up 24% with customer experience marketing

Waitrose brought their unique customer experience to online through Monetate’s Personalisation Platform.

Having identified that shoppers who bought from Waitrose more than five times tended to become Waitrose shoppers, the retailer targeted new and early stage customers, Waitrose implemented a marketing campaign offering an £80 discount spread across five online shops.

The Monetate platform enabled the brand to offer customers a unique incentive code by assessing how many times they had placed an order. Visitors to the site were targeted based on how many times they had placed an order with the brand online and presented with a unique incentive code based on this.

Each customer was grouped by the number of previously placed online orders, which was used by the Monetate platform to target an individual once logged in and recognised. Shoppers were originally targeted via their email address and once they had placed their first order they were emailed a code for their next shop.

Overall, the campaign helped drive new customer conversion by over 30 per cent. Throughout the 2015 Christmas period, Waitrose used Monetate’s ability to ingest external data from ‘MyWaitrose’ loyalty cards, into its data layer to target previous turkey buyers who had not yet purchased in 2015, with a targeted offer.

The result? A 20 per cent uplift in conversion against the control group. Mike Harris, VP EMEA at Monetate, said, “This is a perfect example of how the Monetate platform can be used to drive both every day sales and sales during those essential peak shopping times that some retailers are unprepared for year-on-year. It’s exciting to see the success already achieved from these initial campaigns and we look forward to working with the Waitrose team to develop their personalised offering throughout 2016 and beyond.”

Jane Godfrey, Digital Optimisation Manager at Waitrose said, “The website is a growing part of the Waitrose brand and we want the customer online experience to be consistent with the quality of experience you get in one of our stores. We’ve seen great benefits from using the Monetate personalisation platform – it has allowed us to work more efficiently and target our customer base more effectively. We also have greater business agility with the ability to react and respond to changing market needs in minutes.”

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