Turning a visitor into a VIP – the role of Guided Discovery

Given the proliferation of options for customers, and the range of channels through which they can access a brand, their expectations for an exceptional brand experience are on the rise. Certona has launched ‘Guided Discovery’ to enable brands to deliver products and content that align with customer tastes and needs.

The increase in choice and consumer power have diminished the traditional impact of product-based advantages. That has created a new battleground, the the customer experience. To stay competitive, retailers need to optimise the experience to make customers feel like they are receiving special treatment tailored to their individual needs and interests.

Marketing leaders are expected to create exceptional branded moments at every customer touchpoint.  As more customers turn to mobile and online commerce, it’s increasingly important for brands to guide shoppers along the path to purchase—providing the equivalent of a helpful in-store associate, compelling content and entertaining methods that guide and delight customers during the shopping journey. This is the key to cutting through the noise online, capturing shoppers’ attention and creating a distinctive experience.

Traditionally, in-store sales associates have led the charge to create engaging and memorable shopping experiences. In addition to helping consumers narrow down a wide selection of products to suit his or her needs, store associates deliver personalised attention for an interactive and entertaining experience. The next evolution of the customer experience will be to use Personalised Guided Discovery to recreate the in-store associate experience online, based on predictive analytics and behavioural modelling.

Discover more about enabling guided discovery by downloading Certona’s white paper Personalised Guided Discovery now.