OSF: Mobile Strategies for Connected Commerce

E-commerce, digital commerce, e-retail – whatever word you use for it, it represents a complex and increasingly difficult area of business to navigate. The rate of change is immense, and connected devices, new channels and a wealth of new products mean brands must work even harder to fulfil their customer’s needs.

As more and more consumers use mobile devices for both shopping and research, mobile channels need to become part of a seamless customer journey that drives loyalty, advocacy, and revenue growth.

E-commerce is anticipated to have 20 per cent annual growth for the next three years, and will account for nearly 13 per cent of total retail value by 2019. Many businesses are still working out their response to this shift in customer behaviour, where the scale in the number of digitally connected consumers has hit critical mass. OSF Commerce has prepared a white paper that can help you develop a strategic, customer-centric approach to connected commerce.

Download OSF Commerce’s white paper on Mobile Strategies for Connected Commerce and learn how you can launch a versatile, connected mobile solution and increase the lifetime value of your customers. With these strategies, you can deliver an end to end journey for consumers and drive revenue across channels:

  • Increase sales and loyalty
  • Improve marketing and usability
  • Optimize the checkout process
  • Unify the customer experience

 Download the full white paper