Insight: Retail apps overtaking mobile sites for user revenue and retention

A new study by app commerce company Poq reveals insights into online shopper loyalty and long term re-engagement. It finds that online shoppers are spending 6  per cent more money on apps and 5 per cent less money on the mobile web every month.

Findings of the report are based on desktop, mobile web and app data from Q1 and Q2 2016, including a sample of over 973,000 app users who initiated more than 7 million app sessions.

Shoppers are moving from the mobile web to apps

  • Revenue: Every month, the average online shopper spends 6 per cent more money on apps and 5 per cent less money on the mobile web.
  • Engagement: The amount of times shoppers are visiting desktop websites and apps is increasing by 2 per cent and 7 per cent month-on-month respectively. The monthly amount of times shoppers interact with mobile websites has remained static.

Apps increase customer retention

  • Apps show 2.5x higher retention rates than the mobile web.
  • Most customers who are still using a shopping app after two weeks will become long-term users.
  • Shoppers who make at least one purchase on a retail app show long-term retention rates that are over twice as high as the average app user.

App features improve long-term loyalty

  • Users who share items via the social share feature are twice as likely to keep returning to their shopping app, and over three times more likely to make a purchase than the average app user.
  • Users who use the wish-list feature show 50 per cent higher retention rates than average.
  • Shoppable lookbooks increase retention by 45 per cent and double average order value.

Anna Abrell, Marketing Manager at Poq, said“It is important for retailers to be aware that mobile shopping apps not only boost customer loyalty, but also open a gateway to new shopper demographics that may not have interacted with them via other channels before.

“Activating shoppers whose first point of interaction is the app rather than the website or stores should be a crucial facet of every app commerce strategy. In our app retention report we share more details and tips around how this can be achieved.”

Download the full report here