Expect big breakfast buys on Black Friday

The latest predictions suggest that brands will see their highest mobile commerce revenues during commuter time on Black Friday.

A new report by app commerce platform Poq predicts that mobile shoppers will make the most purchases before work. The report suggests that retailers should expect high app traffic in the early hours of the morning, with mobile shoppers making the most purchases before and during their commute to work. This is down to the urgency created on Black Friday, combined with the commuter commerce trend.

Data from over 30 retail apps powered by the platform allows Poq to reach a unified picture of app user behaviour. Poq’s predictions are based on shopping behaviour seen across apps during last year’s Black Friday. Oyvind Henriksen, CEO and Co-founder of Poq, said, “In November app users generally prefer to make purchases in the evening, but we expect Black Friday shopping behaviour to be very different to the average shopping day. “Shoppers will make the most purchases on their apps before work on Black Friday.

In 2014 app traffic increase between 5:00am and 7:00am on Black Friday was twice as high as on a normal November day. Revenue made through apps at 7:00am was a whole 23 times higher than on an average November day.

“ Michael Langguth, Co-founder of Poq, explains “This kind of shopping behaviour is down to two reasons: urgency and the growing trend that is often referred to as commuter commerce. Shoppers know that deals will run out fast on Black Friday. They save their favourite items in their apps’ wishlists in preparation for this day, allowing them to make purchases as soon as they wake up. “

The UK commuter commerce trend has been steadily evolving over the past year.In July, already over a fifth of UK online shopping sales were taking place on daily commutes.