Case study: JM Bruneau ups conversions 250%

JM Bruneau is a B2B office supplies company, with offices around Europe. They needed to increase average order value and revenue while delivering a more satisfying customer experience. Most importantly they needed to address specific B2B issues, handle multiple languages and be customisable across multiple URLs. This is the story of how they achieved that using personalisation.

The company’s first step into recommendations was one they took on their own, incorporating Best Seller suggestions to site visitors based on the purchasing behaviour of their consolidated customer base. But they also needed personalisation for a variety of email types, including: promotional, birthday, special members club, order confirmation and welcome emails.

They wanted to increase conversion, up-sell and cross-sell on cart and other pages with replenishment and real-time complementary products personalised to account profile and purchase history.

Having agreed their goals JM Bruneau dove right in, partnering with Certona for a quick launch of personalisation across all main site pages, including Home, Product, Quick Order, Cart and Category, as well as redirecting shoppers with recommendations on 404 Error pages.

Leveraging Certona’s sophisticated slotting strategy which allows for a unique algorithm for each recommendation box within a container, along with a multi-level firing technique (if no relevant recommendations for first level algorithm, move to the next level), JM Bruneau was able test a variety of strategies and optimise each page with those that maximised results and moved shoppers through the browse to purchase journey.

For example, product discovery personalisation types such as Similar, Co-Viewed, Seasonal Hot Sellers and Trending performed tremendously on the Product page, whereas types including Bought Together, Subsequently Purchased and Viewed Purchased promoted cross-sell and upsell on cart pages. Unique to Certona’s personalisation technology, all algorithms tap into account profiles and in-the-moment browse behaviour and context to deliver the most relevant products within a strategy to each customer. This results in dynamic recommendations tailored to the account’s profiled preferences and behaviour, creating the deep personalisation that JM Bruneau sought.

If you’d like more detail on how the company achieved its goals, then download the case study here.

What you need to know is that through a systematic approach that combined Certona best practices, AB testing and client specific goals and feedback, responder rates (those who interact with recommendations) significantly outperform non-responder rates (those who do not interact with recommendations).

The result is a one hundred and twenty percent boost in average order value, a two hundred and fifty percent increase in conversion, a one hundred and thirty five percent hike in items per order, and nine percent of total revenue being generated by personalised recommendations.

That’s AOV                    up 120 per cent

Items/order                  up 135 per cent

Conversion                    up 250 per cent

And 9 per cent of total revenues from personalisation

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