Building a personalisation powerhouse: the five essentials

Personalisation continues to be a hot topic in ecommerce, but perhaps the most interesting facet in its discussion is that one to one personal marketing has been a hot topic for a number of years now, and there are still challenges in getting it right. Challenges in understanding the technology, prioritising spend and achieving true personalisation.

There is little doubt that customers want it, as do ecommerce businesses. It makes content relevant and streamlined, transactions targeted and effective and it should improve conversion. So why is it so hard to get it right?

Certona, one the world’s leading personalisation companies, argues that there are five key essentials in getting personalisation right.

  • Rapid, scalable deployment
  • Leveraging customer data with actionable intelligence
  • Control of merchandising and marketing goals
  • Building on the customer lifecycle
  • Omnichannel readiness

The challenge seems to lie in what we mean by personalisation. In order to personalise we need timely, accurate and, of course, personal data. And if you want to understand more about what that might mean for you, then download Certona’s report Building a Personalisation Powerhouse