Brits welcome AI in the workplace

Almost half of UK workers (44 per cent) want AI technology to do all of their job, leaving them to simply manage the AI system, according to new research.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform the world as we know it, but it’s a hotly debated topic. However, new research commissioned by UC EXPO, Europe’s largest unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) event, has uncovered that 85 per cent of UK residents want AI to support at least part of their current job.

Despite 20 per cent of Brits associating AI with the end of the world, it’s a technology which is increasingly involved in our working lives. 10 per cent of those surveyed are already working with AI technology and an additional 38 per cent expect to be working alongside AI within the next two years.

This uptake of AI technology is likely to be in the form of virtual assistants – 33 per cent of the UK public believe that this will be the main use for AI in the workplace. However, 23 per cent believe its main use will be supporting high volume data tasks, which is unsurprising given that Brits expect IT to be the first area of business to benefit from AI technologies.

Looking further to the future, 57 per cent believe their job will look essentially the same in ten years if it was supported by AI.

However several respondents stated that their job will be more efficient and that they would like AI to remove the ‘boring bits’ from their role. One respondent noted that in ten years ‘we will manage the creative aspects of our jobs and AI will manage the delivery of that.’