Apps create most revenue for retailers: poq

The Poq Peak Trading Report has analysed online shopping behaviour across the UK, showing app users to be the most enthusiastic shoppers in 2015.

App users generated significantly higher revenue for retailers, with the average person shopping from an app generating 2.6x more revenue for a retailer than someone shopping from a mobile site, and 1.5x more than someone using a desktop. They also interacted with retailers 2.8x more often than customers using the mobile website.

Of course there were a number of regional variations.  Londoners proved to be the UK’s most loyal, but also most impatient, retail app users, while customers in the North East and Scotland were the biggest app spenders:

  • Half (54 per cent) of the retail app traffic in Q4 2015 came from London.
  • Londoners interacted with their apps on more occasions than app users in any other UK region, but they took less time browsing the apps: they drove 140 per cent more sessions, but spent 4 per cent less time browsing apps than average.
  • App users in the North East of England generated the highest average order values of the UK, with average order values that were 126 per cent higher than average.
  • Revenue per user was highest for Scotland-based app users, who were 143 per cent more profitable for retailers than the average app user.

Findings of the report are based on desktop, mobile web and app data, including two million iOS and Android app sessions that took place throughout Q4 of 2015.

Poq Co-Founder, Michael Langguth said, “At Poq, we work together with retailers to help them move away from having to mass-campaign. New technologies that enable more targeted shopping experiences will help to significantly improve the way in which retailers engage with their customers during peak trading in 2016. We predict that campaigns that take into account contextual influences such as geography will drive the most outstanding results this year.”