3 simple shopping features to boost app conversion

What features provide the basis for a great shopping app? At Poq we carried out research to evaluate the performance of over 20 popular app features by analysing a sample of over 790,500 app sessions across various retailers. This helped us identify which features contribute towards great app conversion rates.

If you’re looking to launch a shopping app, make sure that you include the following three features:


Full-screen product zoom

Device screens are small. Features that show products in more detail – such as the full screen product preview that allows shoppers to zoom in and out with a pinch of their

fingers – will double conversion rates and triple engagement.



Someone checking out their wishlist is 1.8 times more likely to convert than the average app shopper. Wishlists are also great for other reasons: they allow customers to put items aside for later and decrease basket abandonment.



Shoppers using the filter function are 1.8 times more likely to make a purchase. Make sure that users can filter for many different product attributes, including colour, size, price and item type.


Shopping feature conversion rate poq

Once you’ve got the basics sorted, you can start thinking about the features that boost engagement and make omnichannel shopping easier.


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