Predator Nutrition

Company Name

Predator Nutrition Ltd


Sports Nutrition and Health Foods


The best range of products from the USA, Europe and UK via ecommerce, marketplace, wholesale and bricks and mortar sales channels.

Problem identified

Busy schedules have a negative impact on time available for both learning about and implementing sound dietary and exercise habits. At the same time mainstream food companies specialise in creating addictive foods that are a main factor behind increasing levels of obesity despite an increase in the numbers of people attending gyms over the past few decades.

Problem solution

Educate people across all key aspects of attaining a fitter, leaner, physique – nutrition, exercise, and supplementation giving consumers the tools to understand for themselves how they can better meet their goals and do so without offering them unrealistic goals which is a common problem with the wider fitness industry.


Approximately £6m turnover

Integration process

To underpin our model for increasing consumers’ fitness we merchandise a wide range of products from our Demandware website as well as one, soon to be two retail outlets, via ecommerce marketplaces and finally via our wholesale business. These bring a number of technical issues involving order management, managing customer data, finance, sales, and marketing processes. This requires integrating a number of diverse platforms which each address one aspect of the puzzle only.


The main platforms used are Demandware, SAP B1, Salesforce, Exacttarget, Wallmob, Metapack, and  Shopsocially.

We are working on improvements – Demandware is the subject of a proposal to incorporate new functionality.  while SAP B1 is involved in an integration with Amazon.

Salesforce and Exacttarget are the subject of a proposal to improve our marketing automation capabilities. Metapack is being integrated with a new carrier (Yodel) to extend the range of shipping options.

Size (no of team)



CEO and Founder: Reggie Johal

COO: Jasvir Kaur

Business model

B2C and B2B retail

Looking for (partners, finance, sales)


 Leeds, UK