Your Style Lab

Company Name

Your Style Lab




Eliminating consumer doubt while buying fashion online, by providing them with support that brings the personal back into online fashion retailing – direct and personal advice from stylist to shopper.

For more information, take a look at a short animation:

YourStyleLab anim


Problem identified

Online shopping can be challenging and time consuming.

There is a major drop-off in conversion from inspiration to shopping to check-out. And even after purchase, there are high returns as consumers don’t know where to look for advice, and buy many items assuming they’ll return the majority.


Problem solution

Your Style Lab gathers information on the customer, from bra size; hair, eye and skin colour; proportions; even dressing and buying behaviour. All this is put together in one place in order to support the customer.

The Your Style Lab Shop Coach eliminates doubt throughout the shopping experience through the use of live relevant and personal advice using the knowledge of professional stylists, and uses data to build profiles for customers even without selling. Every time the customer returns, the accuracy of selections and suggestions improves.

This results in a decrease in returns, and an increase in both conversions and customer satisfaction.



Looking for early stage capital for product and sales development, including deployment to mobile.

Integration process

Javascript based and fully customisable, the system connects via a button to a stylist in real-time. The system is  currently trialing in Holland. It is connected to Magento and can fit with Demandware and Hybris, but should be deployable in most CRM within 8 weeks. The system comes with many pre-defined scripts enabling stylists to manage multiple calls.


Demandware, SAP Hybris and Magento

Size (no of team)

Less than 10 employees.


Founder: Chantal Poiesz

Business model

Supporting B2C fashion retail through the supply of Your Style Lab

Looking for (partners, finance, sales)

Funding and fashion retail partners.