OMG Transact’s Gemma Spence Outlines a 7-Point Survival Guide to eCommerce Strategy in 2020

Gemma Spence is CEO at OMG Transact, Omnicom Media Group’s ecommerce specialist practice.

The UK is the world’s third largest ecommerce market behind China and the US, accounting for $101bn in 2019 alone.  But Amazon holds almost 40% of the European market and more credit card details than any other company on earth which makes their data and shopper-led approach more personalised and tailored than the rest.  Therefore, to be able to compete on a level playing field, companies must use technology to enhance their logistics, seamlessly combining offline assets such as stores and supply chain with online front-ends such as apps, webstores and media. Having a well-oiled omnichannel approach to services is key and will likely result in a refreshed business model with growing sales.

This article was originally published by Econsultancy read more at OMG Transact