Nisa success leads to Zapper expansion

Following a successful roll out of m-payments in Nisa convenience stores around Peterborough in 2016, Zapper is extending the reach of its all-in-one payments, loyalty and vouchering platform to more convenience stores around the UK.

With the Nisa launch continuing to perform above expectations, Zapper is now launching in further stores around the UK, including with Booker (Premier, Londis, Family Shopper), P&H, Spar, Bestway / Bestone and NFRN. These will start to go live shortly.

Looking to expand its offering to work with tech-savvy FMCG brands, Zapper has also launched a vouchering campaign with Coca Cola to send brand specific digital vouchers via the Zapper app to consumers directing them into Nisa stores.

This will enable brands such as Coca Cola to understand consumer purchase trends and basket data, which will, in turn enable them to send brand targeted offers, promotions and vouchers to consumers based on previous spend. It is thought to be the first time that brands have been able to access the data to match a name to individual baskets and specifically target their campaigns.

Gerry Hooper, CEO Zapper UK explains, “Whilst Zapper is already one of the UK’s largest all-in-one solutions to provide mobile payments, insights and rewards to the hospitality industry, it’s now leading the way for the convenience retail sector. We have developed a smart and versatile platform to enable the smallest independent store to the largest convenience retailer to offer consumers the ability to pay using their mobile phone and take advantage of the many money saving features of the Zapper app.”

The cashless payment system is also picking up steam internationally, with a local franchise reportedly offering the service as a replacement for hard to access bank led POS machines in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The company also launched a pay without queues system through a partnership with WoraPay in December 2016. The average UK consumer spends more than 18 hours a year stuck in queues, and Londoners the worst off averaging 9.11 minutes a week (according to Visa Europe). The order ahead capability will allow Zapper users to squeeze more into their coffee break and venues to increase efficiency and footfall, especially when combined with Zapper’s in-app loyalty cards.