Nato investigates hacker sale of missile firm data

Nato is assessing the impact of a data breach of classified military documents being sold by a hacker group online.

The data includes blueprints of weapons being used by Nato allies in the Ukraine war.

Criminal hackers are selling the dossiers after stealing data linked to a major European weapons maker.

MBDA Missile Systems admitted its data was among the stash but claimed none of the classified files belong to the firm.

The pan-European company, which is headquartered in France, said its information was hacked from a compromised external hard drive, adding that it was cooperating with authorities in Italy, where the data breach took place.

It is understood investigations are centred around one of MBDA’s suppliers.

In a statement, a Nato spokesperson said: “We are assessing claims relating to data allegedly stolen from MBDA. We have no indication that any Nato network has been compromised.”

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