Join Greenlight Webinar to find out How BHS relaunched online in just seven weeks

Join the Greenlight Webinar: How BHS relaunched online in just seven weeks taking place at 2pm, Thursday 4th May.

Upgrading or launching a new commerce platform is a necessary evil at some point for almost every business that is looking to grow and invariably brings with it huge disruption, significant costs and increased pressure on resources.

Hear from Tony Perks, former Group CIO/CTO at The British Home Store – joined by SAP Hybris and Greenlight Commerce – to learn the strategies that BHS used to be live and trading again online within seven weeks, and how your business can apply these to your own project to reduce disruption and maximise investment as early as possible.

Topics covered during this webinar will include:
• BHS’s priorities for an ecommerce platform
• How a Minimum Viable Product approach and Agile Methodology are key to a fast Time To Market (TTM)
• What Minimum Viable Product actually means
• The challenges and benefits of a fast TTM
• The compromises BHS had to make along the way.

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