Inaugural Ecommerce Club Interactive

The 19th May saw the inaugural interactive session at the Ecommerce Club – Taking Control of the Customer Experience for Success in Retail.

The delegates got some great guidance on the importance of local knowledge, the impact of personalisation and X but the exciting part of the day was working with fellow brands to come up with strategies for different parts of a business. The idea was two-fold: to make people think about the strategy and the impact of decisions across different departments; and to get outsider perspectives on some of the decisions that can be made.

Created for the purpose, you can take a look at the headline data we imagined for Shoebox Heaven.

We had a series of table tasks that had to be addressed:

  • Shoebox Heaven wish to gain more customers through word of mouth and recommendations via social media, produce a 3 minute pitch of top line ideas and what to consider when rolling these ideas out or Shoebox Heaven wish to create a mobile app to create hype and more engagement with their brand, this could be via viral campaigns, competitions, discounts or other options. Suggest some top line ideas to tell us in a 3 minute presentation.
  •  What are the first steps that Shoebox Heaven could make to their site in order to increase sales, please make suggestions in a3 minute pitch.
  •  Shoebox Heaven would like to gain ground in Europe and the US, with that in mind put together a 3 minute headline pitch for the issues you need to consider or Shoebox Heaven is looking to physically expand into Europe. Identify threats and opportunities in expanding into new markets, and identify elements which make a particular countries market the right choice for expansion.
  •  Shoebox Heaven wish to gain more customers and build better relationships with existing customers, they are looking at personalisation and big data to do this, break down the key objectives during a 3 minute presentation.
  •  Shoebox Heaven is entering a high-growth phase. Identify which elements of the business need strong focus during this phase, and why?

Have a think about these issues yourself, and see if looking at things from the outside helps you think more clearly about your own responsibilities. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be running through the outputs from each of these tables, and see what advice the different groups have got for our imaginary company.