Google’s broad core update Florida 2, and what it means for you

On March 13th, Google confirmed the launch of a broad core update, Update Florida 2.  What does this mean for you? First, a little background. Officially named the March 2019 Core Update, the name Florida 2 is interesting. The original Florida update was an important one in the early 2000s. Even though the official date was March 13th, based on some flux we saw in client visibility I suspect that updates were in play before that date. By flux, I’m pleased to say I mean an uptick, not a fall. Google confirmed that the algorithm change is a “Broad Core Update”, meaning that it’s not targeting a specific industry or ranking signals.  In fact Cognitive SEO reported that “Florida 2.0 is clearly a global update that affects websites regardless of the country, region or country”, while SearchEngineJournal suggests that the update “is one of the biggest updates in years”. And yet, according to Google, the update does not require a “fix”.  We shall see!

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