Exploring how Shoppers Connect with Brands and Retailers Through User-Generated Content

Shopper behaviours & and their outcomes are evolving faster than ever before. Consumers expect frictionless shopping experiences and more transparency, interaction, and authenticity from brands and retailers. What do they want today, and how are leading marketers adapting? To get a detailed global view into how consumers connect with brands and retailers, we:

  • Surveyed 2,000 consumers in the US, France, UK and Germany
  • Polled 500 brands and retailers around the world
  • Analysed 1.1 billion monthly shoppers data in the Bazaarvoice Network

We found five key things:

  • User-generated content fuels the shopping journey
  • Shoppers crave interaction before a transaction
  • When brands and retailers collaborate, everyone wins
  • A great mobile experience is an opportunity to stand out
  • Getting personal with shoppers can deliver a big payoff

For deep insight into shoppers today and how brands and retailers are adapting to win, download the full report.

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