Enhancing your overall customer experience with SmartFreight

Whether your offering is high street based, omnichannel, or online pure play all retailers have faced challenges with some businesses in certain sectors seeing significant spikes in order volumes leading to issues with order processing. With the Covid-19 pandemic providing a step change in the move to online it is critical that those with an online presence have the capabilities and bandwidth to deal with not just the current new reality, but also the expedited progression of the online environment.

So what have we learnt here at SmartFreight® during the pandemic? Having integrated and automated back office systems is really a must. Automation allows any eCommerce order data you take to arrive at a fulfilment station immediately without delays. Taking away the need for any re-entry of data from one system to another.

Allowing your customer to drive which delivery service you use on your website can be a great way to avoid abandoned carts as consumers like to be in charge and feel like they have options. Evidence has shown over the Covid-19 pandemic that consumers would return to websites with a larger selection of delivery options.

Plugging in a carrier management software like SmartFreight® to your webstore will allow you to list several rates from different carriers allowing you to provide customer choice. Not only, that but selecting the carrier service at point of sale also allows you to speed up the process of shipping, helping the parcel arrive in a happy customer’s hands quicker.

Finally, SmartFreight® has learnt that customer communication is absolutely everything in uncertain times! Branded tracking communication not only keeps your customer updated on their order’s progress, but also, receiving personalised correspondence provides the customer reassurance.

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