Ecommerce Club Working Lunch London: the Art of the Possible

At the latest Ecommerce Club Working Lunch London, the Art of the Possible, we were joined by Lightspeed to explore ways in which smaller ecommerce brands can simplify processes, maximise profitability and increase customer loyalty, no matter their size.

The lunch also saw the launch of a year-long case study with Charlotte Zimbehl, who runs a contemporary womenswear brand specialising in outerwear. The Ecommerce Club is going to work through the different advice that our partners provide, and watch over the coming year as the brand experiences successes and failures. Charlotte is happy to share the trials and tribulations of being a young brand and will openly work with the partners of Ecommerce Club and our retail members using their technology, services and expertise to see where we can help take her brand.

It’s a common misconception that smaller ecommerce brands are limited when it comes to expanding. Especially when developing from a multi-channel to an omnichannel approach, as it is perceived to be resource heavy and complicated. What we want to explore is whether it’s possible to have a successful omnichannel brand that could compete with the bigger brands and the established retailers.

What matters is understanding that while some may argue that retail as we knew is dead, with the physical world in decline, in fact nothing has really changed except our options. Giving the customer what they want and need still lies at the heart of successful retail.

What we’re seeing is an evolution in technology and an associated change in customer preferences. They want to use multiple channels, searching online and via mobile, buying instore and even vice versa. A physical prescence is structured to footprint and for some retailers that is a crucial element of sales – for many online is where you can actually display your inventory, something rather limited by space in the physical world.

Lightspeed works on this every day and has provided Charlotte with a solution that enables her to develop her site. It covers all channels and means that she can sell everywhere, at any time, to any one. She’s going to be holding a few pop-up shops, with Lightspeed providing stock control, retail store management, invoices etc. It’s a solution that helps fashion designers to sell online and care for customers.

You can read Charlotte’s latest blog here