Ecommerce Club Working Lunch London: Hit or Miss Shopping – Personalisation at its best

The Ecommerce Club team came together with some of the most interesting retailers currently on the scene to explore the ways in which personalisation can increase sales and marketing ROI.

By collecting the right data from customers and really understanding how they behave, you can create real time targeted campaigns specific to the individual shopper, and enhancing the personalized shopping experience. At the most recent Working Lunch we were lucky enough to hear from Meyar Sheik, CEO at Certona about how personalisation can increase a retailers’ revenue, strengthen the relationship with consumers and improve customer loyalty.

The audience expressed their interest in sensitive issues such as how to redirect traffic to a retailer’s website after basket abandonment and how to personalise not just email communications with the customers but also product suggestions and homepage layout. It was also insightful to see how brands are interested and slightly concerned about creating an effective marketing campaign in order to successfully target shoppers in markets like China, India and South America.

Here are some of the key facts that we learned during lunch:

– Don’t complete the look too early – proposing matching products to the items that the customer is looking to buy can distract them from the actual purchase. The shopping basket page is the best moment to suggest a few items.

– Do person-to-product targeting not product-to product targeting- suggesting products that match one individual’s specific preferences based on clicking and browsing behaviour is key – and works better in the long run compared to suggesting “best sellers” and products that other customers bought, which is the Amazon model.

– In mobile everything needs to work better and faster- you don’t want your customer to have to keep on scrolling down to find the products that they want, especially if they have already visited your website from another platform. Make sure that the products that your customer wants are in the top 4 items that appear on the page.

– Engage with the client, make sure you keep them entertained- an approach that Luxottica explored in order to find a new way to sell glasses online. Glasses are a hard product to sell on the internet as they are very personal and people normally prefer to try them on. Luxottica asks customers to complete a test that, instead of asking questions about the shape of their face or similar, asks them about their personality and uses this data to suggest the best frame for them. Again, go for a personal approach.

Thank you to our founding partners Demandware, Oban Digital, Greenlight/OneHydra, Salesforce and Certona and to all of our Ecommerce Club guests and members.

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