Ecommerce Club to support Tolerance Day 2017

Ecommerce Club to support Tolerance Day 2017

Lack of knowledge and misinformation can cause fear and hatred, a key driver of bigotry and intolerance. Tolerance Day is an annual primary school programme focused on providing free materials to support teachers in developing independent, compassionate and critical thinkers.

The Ecommerce Club is supporting Tolerance Day 2017 and we urge you to get involved, even if only to sign up your children’s schools. Critical thinking skills are vital in business today and by teaching children, we help to embed these skills in society. Today we are in increasing need of rational thought and communication skills in an ever changing political, cultural and financial environment.

If you want to support children’s primary schools in inspiring children to become resilient, independent and creative thinkers, you can:

What is Tolerance?

Tolerance is a theme often used interchangeably with the idea of celebrating diversity, or accused of encouraging us to ‘put up with’ things we don’t like. Where it matters most however is in teaching that we are allowed to disagree, but the issue is the manner and attitude with which we express our views.

In 2017 the educational charity Learn2Think Foundation will be holding its second annual marking of the UN International Day of Tolerance on 16th November with a programme of free materials, including lesson plans, short films, books, posters and more. In the run up to the event we’ll be running a series of competitions, the winners of which will be announced on Tolerance Day.

For more information, visit or downloadTD outline 2017 May

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