CRO with Knobs On

We held another successful Ecommerce Club Lunch on Wednesday January 17th with our partner Yieldify and their CEO Jay Radia in the hot seat speaking about how CRO is a thing of the past and highlighting that Customer Journey Optimisation is now where it’s at!  CRO (conversion rate optimisation) is where you tweak parts of your website based on user testing to increase the percentage of visitors that convert into customers or perform a desired action. CJO (customer journey optimisation) is the process of connecting and mapping customer interactions, across multiple touchpoints, in order to direct or influence the end-to-end experience. It’s all about personalisation and localisation with retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Dominos and Mont Blanc being highlighted by Yieldify as leading examples of this.  In simple terms you can take a customer profile, say a loyal customer, list the steps in their journey to purchase, then score each step, prompt previous items bought or viewed and make offers to provide ‘moments of truth’ then focus on the ones that drive the most value.  A few ideas… 1. On the first visit after the user has browsed a few pages ask them if they would like to sign up for the newsletter 2. If a user abandons the shopping cart make sure you send a follow up message to entice them back 3. If you are a retailer you can attend the Ecommerce Club lunches and workshops for free and the next one is on February 28th looking at Omnichannel retail marketing so if that’s relevant please check out the full details here. We would like to thank the team at Yieldify for their presentation which everyone thoroughly enjoyed, we would also like to thank the other Ecommerce Club partners Oracle + Bronto, Kooomo, Visenze and Ometria too, of course, for their continued support.