Drone’s in Shanghai to deliver takeaways

Takeaway food delivery drones have been given the go-ahead in China the service will be provided by Ele.me, which is owned by Alibaba, has been given permission by the authorities to deliver takeaways by drone along 17 routes in Shanghai’s Jinshan Industrial Park. Customers will receive their deliveries within 20 minutes of ordering. Ele.me said the drone deliveries would substantially reduce its operating costs, compared with regular road deliveries. Read more at BBC...

Predator Nutrition hunts down international opportunities – Case Study

Predator Nutrition hunts down international opportunities – Case Study British entrepreneur Reggie Johal, created Predator Nutrition in 2009, establishing the business with just £6,000 of personal savings. His aim was simple: to introduce fitness enthusiasts to nutritional products that really work. Johal previously played top-level American football in the UK, and his drive to be the best provided Predator Nutrition with its competitive edge, helping turn the fledgling company into one of the...

Case Study Kooomo: La Sportiva case study here – On Top of the World

La Sportiva Ecommerce Manager, Francesco Trenti agrees, “Kooomo has helped us increase our brand awareness with site visits growing every month. Compared to the same month last year, organic traffic has increased by over 500% from Germany and 120% from France. Since going live we have already shipped to approximately 50 countries from Sweden to Slovakia, Iceland and Australia.” Read full case Study Here Sign up to the Ecommerce Club Working Lunch: Taking Retail Brands from Local to Global here...
End of the wallet as cashless is king?

End of the wallet as cashless is king?

More than two in five people (43 per cent) say they keep less hard cash in their pockets than they did two years ago, according to a new study.
The study by Mastercard found that half of adults in Britain now carry less than £5 in cash in their purses or wallets amid a surge in popularity for online shopping and contactless card payments.