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Omnichannel and the importance of integrated ordering

Today retailers are transforming themselves around the concept that the total customer experience a consumer has with a brand is at the heart of their value. The ‘experience economy’ that has been discussed for so long is here. At the same time improvements in technology mean that a multichannel experience already exists. While we are still some way off true personalisation, it is now crucial to ensure that consumers have one experience with the brand, no matter the channel.

The Art of the Possible: Marketing Playbook Workshop

This month for Charlotte Zimbehl, we brought together a mix of experts to help the brand explore its best opportunities for marketing on a small budget. We opened with a discussion about what makes a good marketing experience, what engages us as marketers.

Customer First in 2017: moving from mobile to AI

In December, the Ecommerce Club held a wine and cheese tasting event at Clerkenwell London. While the drinks were delicious and the conversation fun, what stood out was Visualsoft’s insight into the evolution of the ecommerce environment, with mobile and the impact of AI (artificial intelligence) and other innovations.

Working Lunch Dublin: the power of mobile in omnichannel

It was a warm welcome back to Ireland with the latest Ecommerce Club Working Lunch London, the Power of Mobile in an Omnichannel Environment. We had a lovely lunch at Restaurant 41 on St Stephens Green, providing a great introduction to our new partner Kooomo.

Ecommerce Club Working Lunch London: the Art of the Possible

At the latest Ecommerce Club Working Lunch London, the Art of the Possible, we were joined by Lightspeed to explore ways in which smaller ecommerce brands can simplify processes, maximise profitability and increase customer loyalty, no matter their size.

Innovation, why we need it and how we get it

On 20th September at The New Era of H2H: e-Innovation, we were lucky enough to spend an afternoon with a group of experts exploring innovation, what it means, how we can embed it in our operations – as well as some examples of companies who have built new businesses on the back of innovation.

Ecommerce Club Working Lunch London: Marketing Personalities – Driving Purchases

The Ecommerce Club’s latest Working Lunch London took a look at a different way for marketers to understand the consumer, the specific factors and variables that influence buyer behaviour. While there’s no doubt that product quality and brand reputation remain important, psychological, internal and social stimuli all have a role to play in why and… Read more »

Mobile penetration falls for first time this decade

The percentage of online retail sales made through mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) fell in Q1 2016, according to the latest results from the IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmark – the first time a decrease has been recorded since tracking started in 2010.

M&S sees 23% jump in online sales

The company has reported record online sales, with 7.4 million accessing the site. This success however was offset by an overall slowing of growth and a fall in pre-tax profits of a fifth.